Burning Baseball

On bitterly cold New England day, with snow flurries falling all around: I find myself in sunny, warm Ft. Meyers Florida at the Spring Training camp of my beloved Boston Red Sox, who took to the field for their very first games of 2014 against my old technical school: Northeastern University and for the double header, Boston College. It was a very good day.


Burning 20

It's official, I've reached the halfway point of my "Burning 40" goal to weigh 180 pounds...but I'll be on vacation in Florida for the rest of this week and next...and the temptation to EAT CRAPPY FOOD will be something I'll have to learn to deal with.


Burning 20 with the Turtles

I "hungout" with my friends Eddie and Adam to talk about my Health Gain and Weight Loss.


Burning 21.9

I’m almost at the halfway mark of my Burning 40 goal, and it feels good.  I still have a long way to go…but I’m confident that I’ll be at the 180 pound weight by early June (or sooner.)
Also in this episode I tell you about a great project for fans (like me) of Black Lab at http://blacklabworld.com/ and I’ll be revealing my “Diet Secrets” LIVE on the Slow Runners Club slowrunnersclub.com tomorrow (Sunday the 23rd) at 3:00 PM Eastern / 12 noon Pacific on Google + Hangout (watch us live and say “hi”).
This is my actual weight gain/loss since March, 2013


Burning 25.8

I’m losing weight and feeling much better.  It’s a bit of an introspective episode this time; trying (as best I can, which means “hardly”) to answer the question “WHY NOW?” Why have I decided to REALLY get healthier now?  The answer isn’t a big secret. I guess I finally “give a crap”.


Burning 28.2

I’ve dropped 11.8 pounds since I started this new diet on January 26th, exactly 2 weeks ago. On January 30th, weighing in a 214.5 and still overcoming a case of influenza, I checked into the UMass Memorial health center to have some blood drawn for a checkup following some chest pain I had experienced about six months ago. I’m pretty sure that the chest pain was muscular in origin (not cardiovascular) but since I was obese (according to the BMI charts) my doctor wasn’t taking any chances.  An electrocardiogram treadmill test showed that my heart was in very good shape…but at my current age of 52; my doctor wasn’t taking any chances.

Today I’ll reveal some PHI and talk about one of the reasons I’ve decided to lose some weight and get healthier.


Burning 30.3

Greetings from the incredible shrinking runner.  Today I'll answer the question "Yeah, but what are you really eating?".  Short answer?  Not cardboard.


Burning 32.8

After just one week, I’ve lost 18% of my goal of 40 pounds.  Today I’ll talk about how beer and wine has contributed to my weight gain…and what I’ve done about that.  Of course, at this early stage my weight loss isn’t REALLY 6.8 pounds…but by this time next week I should be closer to a state of “nutritional ketosis” (keto-adaptation) where my body’s glycogen has dropped off and I’m fueling myself mostly by burning FAT.
My Progress Chart