A Walk Down Main Street

I'm podcasting from the streets of Oxford Massachusetts on a relatively warm winter day in New England.


No More Internet Loogies

This is part confession, apology and promise to try harder in my on-line social media content creation.  From now on, it’s PUPPIES and CHEESE!


Going Back

My podcast Phedippidations has come a long way since I started in July of 2005; and in recent years it has strayed away from the topic of running.  There’s a reason for that.  Episode 323 “Getting Back to Where You Once Belonged” is the first episode in a story that will document my return to the road.  In this episode of Intervals, I’d like to tell you about some great changes that you’ll be hearing on Phedippidations.


Is it worth it?

In his book “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” Christopher Hitchens argues that religion is responsible for most of the terrible atrocities in human history.  What happened in Paris last week is just the latest example of the disgusting horror that religion has infected the world with.  We have reached a point in our civilization where we have to ask ourselves “Is religion worth the evil that is brings to the world?”

What Hitches would have said about Charlie Hebdo: