Babbling about Weight Loss

I recorded this while out on a run, sat down to edit it as I usually do, and found that most of what I recorded was some kind of babbling nonsense about my losing some weight.  Have a great weekend!


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Invite Someone to Run With You Today!

It’s Autumn here in New England, which is a perfect time to invite someone to lace up their shoes and join you on the road!


Me and My 4S – My early impression of the new iPhone

Go for a run with me while I GEEK OUT on this new magical/revolutionary gadget that I picked up: yes, today I’m talking about my new iPhone 4S.  

A Runners Manifesto - by Steve Runner

Note: What follows is the introduction to the 278th episode of my podcast, Phedippidations, published on October 23rd, 2011.  It is essentially a “Runners Manifesto”, or public declaration of principles regarding my <> for producing a podcast “for and about runners”.

Today I’m going to dedicate this podcast to answering the question: “How do you convince someone to lace up their shoes and join us for a run?” or put differently:  “How do you convince someone to become a runner?”

For six years now (and several years before that) I have been blogging and podcasting a litany of topics selected to inspire and motivate fellow runners to continue in this lifestyle, and encourage non-runners to join us on the roads.

A demographic breakdown of my audience would likely show that listeners are, for the most part, dedicated runners.  Chances are great that you first subscribed to Phedippidations because you either already were a runner, or had already convinced yourself that you should lace up your shoes…and sought some company with these “dulcet tones”.

This community is a choir in tune, not only with our bodies as amateur athletes, but with the message that we all understand: That running will improve the quality of your life, and is a significant step towards happiness.  Translate that message in any manner you chose: but there’s no doubt in my mind that if you’re listening to me right now, you probably agree with me.

Phedippidations is a conversation about running; and one of the most important reasons we have this conversation; in fact one of the main reasons why I spend roughly fourteen hours producing every episode is because I, like you, believe so strongly in this message that I want to get the word out. 

I want to grab people in the street and drag them over to a running shoe store and buy them a pair of lightweight trainers and bring them out for short run. 


There are a couple of problems I’d face if I went about doing that of course: first off, it’s illegal to kidnap perfect strangers and force them to do something against their will.  Crazy as that sounds, I actually checked: it’s in part 18 of the US Federal Code Section 1201where it is illegal to unlawfully seize, confine, inveigle, decoy, kidnap, abduct, or carry away and hold for ransom or reward or otherwise any person… ”blah… blah… blah”…so obviously that’s not going to work.

But even if it were legally permissible for us to kidnap someone and force them to lace up their shoes and go for a run with us; chances are great that they’d not only be disinclined to do so, but that our actions might discourage them to ever attempt to take to the roads.

Which leads us to the only legal, valid, logical, moral and effective means of encouraging someone to become a runner: ARGUMENT.

In order to start the conversation that plants to seed of an idea into someone’s head that they might want to begin the process of adopting the running life style, you need the right ammunition: you need to commit to memory at least a handful of logical arguments that will make your proposal effective and produce results.

You essentially need to sharpen your sales skills, you need to be able to understand who you’re talking to, comprehend their reluctance and be able to successfully defeat all their arguments against running without sounding too over-bearing or insensitive. 

Today’s episode is only an introduction to this battle plan.  We’ve all assembled here, earbuds jammed firmly within our auditory canals, ready to arms ourselves with the weapons of mass reduction, the artillery of arterial cleansing, the ordnance of living a life less ordinary and the hardware of promoting happiness through spreading the good news about running.


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My Running as of Late

This is the first episode of Intervals recorded on my new iPhone 4S and I’m talking about my running (or lack thereof).

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The LIE of Homeopathy

I’m PISSED OFF at the World right now and taking it out on the LIE that is Homeopathy: http://whatstheharm.net/homeopathy.html


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Congrats to Kevin, Philosophical Evil Plans and the WWFoR

I’m all over the place in today’s episode of Intervals, with congratulations to the BIGGEST PODCAST LOSER, my thoughts on where Phedippidations has been dragging you: AND, of course the World Wide Festival of Races this weekend!  Go to www.wwfor.com and join us!