MojoStLoco LIVE Coverage Starting Tomorrow Morning!

Join Adam "ZenRunner" Tinkoff and yours truly as we bring you LIVE stride by stride coverage of the epic social running event known as el MojoStLoco!  It's going to be an amazing run!  Help us cheer for our fellow runners as they get their miles in on their way to the promise of good times (and COLD beer!).

Viva el MojoStLoco!


Live Coverage of el MojoStLoco this Saturday!

Join me LIVE this Saturday June 25th through-out the day as I (and others) provide stride-by-stride coverage of the MojoStLoco!  Coverage begins at around 7AM ET and continues throughout the day as we cheer for the team in St. Louis!!


Thoughts on Blogging

Here are some random thoughts I have about picking a topic and putting yourself out there for all to read and hear on a blog or podcast.


The 6th Annual WWFoR

On October 8th and 9th of this year, runners from all over the globe will “Think Global, Run Local” together on a little blue bubble in space.  Go to http://www.wwfor.com for more information and help us to celebrate our community!

How Much? How Long? How Far?

I’ve always had a fascination with duration and persistence: it explains a lot about my personality, including why I love the marathon and have continued to produce a “goofy little podcast” for six years.


Finding My Way Through the Toy Chest

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, UStream and all the social networking tools that are out there present us with some amazing “toys” that we can use to reach our goals.  For me, the goal is simple: to be more social.

Also, my friend Chris just published a book that I can't wait to read!


Unexcited Gadgetry

My “New Every Two” with Verizon (where I get a discount for a new cell phone every two years) is due; and I’m probably going to get a phone that is magical and revolutionary. 


Jenny Kissed Me

Jenny Kissed Me

by Leigh Hunt

Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in.
Time, you thief! who love to get
Sweets into your list, put that in.
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad;
Say that health and wealth have missed me;
Say I'm growing old, but add-
Jenny kissed me!
My thanks to Gordon Scott for sending me this poem; 


Driving Home Through a Tornado

I had a scary drive home yesterday as a very rare New England tornado ripped through Central Massachusetts and landed right on top of me.  Here is one of the videos as I saw it.  Note that this was around 4:40 PM in the afternoon when the sun is usually shining bright.  Yesterday it was dark, REAL dark. (More videos can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/phedippidations )