Chris Russell Knows How to Throw a Road Race

This is just a quick update from the Groton Road Race that @petfxr @johnvaughn @painternik @misterfonzie and I ran on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!



Talking about new and social media and the shrinking world of goodness.

Puppies, Pride and a New Fdip

A new episode of Phedippidations comes out, at midnight.  Download and enjoy!


A New Fdip and a Tangential Rant on Religulous Pride

Episode 289 will hit you in the head this Friday, and it’s all about “pride”, but more than that…let’s talk about being proud of ourselves and who we are.  Also, I give you my impressions on the documentary “Religulous” by Bill Marr.


I Will Not Be Offended If You Choose Not to Listen

I got an email this weekend from a listener to Phedippidations who wanted to apologize for not listening to my podcast for several years.  What follows is a summation of my response to her.


Self Improvement and Gadgetry

I’ve been using my new Fitbit to track how active I am during the day (and how well I sleep at night), and it seems to be working for me. 


Spring Running Update

I’m building up my endurance, with the all too familiar achy legs and various pains associated with getting more consistent. How is my running going?  It’s going!


Beauty of the Cosmos

I’ve started watching Carl Sagan’s episode series titled “Cosmos” and it’s one of the most brilliant television programs ever created.


Happy Boston Marathon Weekend!

There's something extra special about Boston in the Spring, when runners from all over the world come to run "Boston", and gather to celebrate our sport. While the race itself is amazing, the "Health and Fitness Expo" is an event for everyone (runners and non-runners) to gather, meet and spend some time together, all for the love of running.

It's at the expo that you'll meet some of the greatest runners in the world; champions who have made their mark in our sport as well as fellow runners who you have "met" through social networking (including, of course, PodCasting). "Meet-ups" are common, Twitter and Facebook helps to bring runners together (at the expo this actually happens, runners will meet and head our for a bite to eat or even a beer or two). It's such a great convention for those, like us, who "live our lives to the top".

If you're going to the Expo this year, be sure to check out the seminars that are being held in the conference rooms. In recent years, there have been two conferences/presentations going on in separate rooms: one is specific to runners, while the other is for the more scientific/medically inclined. The great thing about these presentations is that you'll leave Boston inspired and educated!

This year the expo is being held down by Boston's World Trade Center...there's plenty of great places to get lunch and get together with friends from all over the world!

If you're going to the Expo this weekend, you'll have a great time! Enjoy my beautiful City of Boston; it's "wicked pissa"!









Run long and taper!

- Steve



Opening Day

It’s Opening Day at Fenway Park in Boston; a day of hope and possibilities for my team, and a game that has always been there for me.

"The Ballplayer" by http://joepurdy.com/


Even BOSTON is a Boston Qualifier

I won’t be able to make it to the Boston Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, or even the race course this year…but wanted to chime in on a few things regarding the Boston Marathon, and why so many OTHER marathons invite runners to qualify for Boston.


ipadio: Finding a Sponsor that Fits.

It’s not that I’m “picky” per se; but let’s face it: I’m not in this podcasting thing for the money.  If I was, I might have gone a more “commercial route” with my efforts.  But every once in a while I do get an offer for sponsorship, and I think I’ve found a company with a product that “fits” in well with what I’m doing on Phedippidations.


Hear ye, Hear ye (A New Episode of Phedippidations Arrives in the Morrow)

Have I got a story for you!  Epsiode 288 of the PodCast Award Winning “Phedippidations” (I won the award five years ago, and I’m still riding on the wave of glory) will present a short story about a marathon!  Grab it at midnight and stick it in your head!


Tweet-Rant from @runninglam

Follow @runninglam at http://twitter.com/runninglam for a great rant about a GREAT race!


Baseball is Back and Life is Good

I’m so happy that major league baseball is back.  My beloved Boston Red Sox lost their first game, but as the season opens, I am ever hopefully for a world championship to be ours in October.  Play Ball!!


Motivational Social Networking

Today I’m going to talk about three online services that I’ve started using to help motivate (and inspire) me to get healthier:


Morality and Atheism

I am NOT speaking from a position of moral authority with today’s talk.  This is not a “sermon” of any kind.  I simply want to pose an idea to you, that is a core belief of mine: that morality is NOT derived from GOD or RELIGION.

Love this guy! - Rabbi Shmuley: http://www.shmuley.com/


Sponsorships and Paying for my Hobby

I’m not comfortable talking about the “earnings” aspect to my podcasting; but I may have a new sponsor on Phedippidations, and I thought it might be interesting to talk about the way friends and fellow runners support my podcasting efforts.