Bravehearts Braving-it out in the 9th!

I'm back at Fitton Field where my Worcester Bravehearts have lost their last 9 games. Now we're in the 9th inning and things aren't going well. Will this be the 10th loss in a row or will we witness VICTORY!!!?


FittonFieldCast Episode 2

In the 9th Inning at Hanover Insurance Park at Litton Field where my Worcester Bravehearts are losing to the Bristol Blues.  This is PART TWO of this episode of Intervals.  Ross, Eric and I are having the “Best Summah Evah”!


FittonFieldCast Episode 1

#WooBaseball My Worcester Bravehearts are playing against the Bristol Blues in this PART ONE episode of Intervals.  This is the first of MANY nights I’ll be spending at our home town ball park, and I’m here with Eric and Ross with HOPE in our hearts as we cheer for OUR team!!


Apple Watching for Malcolm

Malcolm asked me about the Apple Watch, and here's what I have to say about that.

Fenwaycast 3 - Bottom of the 9th Hope

My last check-in from Fenway and things aren’t going well in Boston’s ballpark. Listen in as the game concludes and I summarize the evenings events.


Fenwaycast 2 - So Good So Good So Good

My second episode from Fenway this year and things aren’t looking good for my hometown team.  I’m having a good time (of course) but my beloved Boston Red Sox are not doing so well in the AL East.


Fenwaycast 1 - The Joy of Stats

I’m back at Fenway Park (finally) for the first time since last October, and I’m enjoying an ice cold Sam Adams talking about why I so love this game.  This is the first part in a 3 part series recorded at The Cathedral of Baseball.



June is here and with it long days and pleasant nights of baseball.  This is an update on my running, health, Phedippidations and most of all: my beloved Boston Red Sox!