Hey? Are You Okay?

So the election is over and once again Drumpf has won, because he's a winner...and always wins BIGLY.  So, what are those of us who didn't vote for him supposed to do now?  Abide.  The Dude Abides.


Election Day

It's not the best choice, but it is the ONLY choice.  Vote Hillary for President, because the world cannot afford a Trump Presidency, and you will have to answer the question "What did you do to stop him from being elected?". Do not fall for the "false equivalency".

Me just after voting for Hillary Clinton.


The Last Game

And so, the 2016 Major League Baseball season comes to an end, and a long winter awaits. I'm at the Bourbon Street Distillery on Indianapolis Ave.  Come on down and we'll have one last beer at a ballgame.  #GOCUBS