Chinese Food

The year was 1983 and my friend John Leone, Dicks’ brother…who I know and love as Vito were up at my college radio station just messing around with recording equipment.  John is the most talented person I know, a broadway and television actor…Les Mis, Jersey Boys…yeah, you’ve probably seen him.  But this song was really written for his brother: Dick, who we know as Dungman.  Don’t be offended, this was written and sung in a different age when dudes where dudes and bimbies were clueless.  And so, you’ll excuse me if I talk to him right now.

Dude.  Remember those nights after hanging around at the Tent or at Bobby Burns, eating little white boxes of Chinese food at my parents house on Holbrook Road?  We were wild spas dogs back then man, livin large and taking names.

To this day, whenever I order Chinese I think of us hanging out, playing cards and keeping my parents and siblings awake upstairs.

I’ll never stop the search dude…in search of the ultimate biff.  It’s out there, and it’s fueled by Chinese food.

Dungman's Clue Experiment #29 - Bimbies Have No Clue

Recorded in October of 1986 with my friend Dick Leone aka "Dungman".  Back then, we were kids...and some of our best friends were "the girls from Hingham" aka "The Bimbies".  Although my audience might think this term is sexist, it was actually a term or endearment.  Back then, they guys were "The Dudes" and the girls were "The Bimbies" and we filmed this video for a weekend escape to celebrate Columbus Day.  My friend Dick was brilliant in this video, filmed at my house (now my parents house) in Weymouth Massachusetts...late, late...late at night after way too many beers.  I did the filming, and Dick was his classic, usual "brilliant".  

Join the Club: The Puckerama King

In October of 1986, my friend Dick Leone, myself and others put together a video that would be shown to a group of our friends at an annual "Columbus Day Escape" weekend.  This is a clip of me interviewing "The Puckerama King".

"Puck" as we called it, was really "Chocolate Chip Cookies", but when you try to cook chocolate chip cookies over a campfire, they tend to come out charred, inedible and dangers to eat.  We ate them anyway, and they tasted like a "spongy hockey puck" or as we came to call it "Sponge Puck".


Letter to Dungman Episode 1

He is known by many names, some call him Dick, others call him Dungman...but to me, you are SIR PHINIAS OD DRUGBURY.  This is a publically private audio letter to a friend of mine.
Long may he BIFF.


Olmeca Altos 100% Agave Tequila Tasting

You have to understand, that I know NOTHING about tequila.  ZERO..nada.  I know more about QUANTUM MECHANICS than I do Tequila (hey, I “aced” the course in college…cut me some slack). But my friend Adam recommended a really INCREDIBLE tequila for me to take my first introductory taste of, and WOAH was it fantastic.  This is my sad, silly attempt to describe the very first experience of it.


Burning 16.8

Yes, yes, yes…I’m still losing weight although it’s been over a month since I’ve been able to run.  Here’s an update on my sweet little puppy Eva Jones and my new “friend” Chondromalacia Patella…the pain that keeps giving.


C2-3 Disc Herniation Eva

My little puppy, Eva, is home after a very tough week.  She's doing well and will be up and playing around in just a month!