Alyssa the Helper

My neice and God-daughter, Alyssa has decided that she has a calling in life...and that is to make the world a better place (if she has time) to help other people (if it doesn't interfere with her busy social life) and to heal the lame (not the REALLY lame, mind you...they're so "lame").  Listen in as she eats dinner.


The 5s - Steve Walker - and More

On this epsiode I talk about my new electronic rectangle; why I'm calling myself WALKER and several other things that came to mind as I drove to work this morning.


mal·le·a·ble mem-or-y

Something to think about 
while you’re listening to this 
on your “Shmahht-Phone”.


On the Brink

This is a long one, recorded last week on the topic of WAR in Syria.  I’m not the same guy I used to be, philosophically.  I once leaned towards a more conservative way of thinking and now I’m fairly well centered with a liberal heart and a fiscally conservative wallet.  I was ALL GUN HO for the First Gulf WAR...but these days, I realize how wrong I was.  My Mom was right: WAR, under all circumstances and conditions, is NEVER a good option.


Back to School

I sit down with my neice Katie, who is actually a spy for Weymouth NORTH High School's Class of 1980, now attending the old Weymouth SOUTH High.  Listen in as my plans for school domination becomes complete!