A message from a friend

My friend (actually a friend to us ALL) was very kind to take the time to record this video to ask for you to vote for my essay entry in the Anthony Bourdaine "Medium Raw" contest.

THANK YOU Adam.  It means so much to me that you'd do this...and THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help this summer!  Your kindness was overflowing, and I'll never forget it.

Run long fellow runners!

Why do I want you to start your own podcast?

All my talk this week about PodCamp and PodCasting has lead to this point, and this question: WHY?  Why is it so important to me that you start producing your own podcast about running?


Thank you for your kindness

I want to thank you for all the support you gave me this summer in voting for my essay: “We Cook Because We Love”  in the Anthony Boudain Medium Raw Challenge at: http://bourdainmediumraw.com/essays/view/76 

The contest is coming to an end this week, as they move onto the semi-finals.  I don’t expect to make it that far, but wanted to let you know how sincere I am in my thanks for your support. Thank you!

PodCasting: Let’s Talk About the Money

One of the reoccurring themes that always seems to come up at PodCamp is about THE CASH!  The money, the wealth, the riches that so many who take to the microphone expect to haul away with over laden wheelbarrows.  Today I’m going to talk about something I’ve learned in five years of PodCasting as well as some things I’ve learned about money at PodCamp.


A Few More Things I Learned at PodCamp

In this episode of Intervals I talk about a few other things that I learned.


Two Things that I Learned at PodCamp Boston 5 #pcb5

Now that I’ve had a chance to mentally digest some of the MANY things I learned at this years PodCamp, in Boston: I’d like to tell you about two of them (with more to follow in the next episode of Phedippidations).  


Last Dispatch from PodCamp Boston 5 #pcb5

Well, day one of PodCamp Boston 5 is over, as is my visit with some of the most creative people in New Media.  I had such a great time in Cambridge today, so here’s a wrap up of my impressions of the event and some of the things I learned.

Welcome to PodCamp! #pcb5

Steve Runner here, kinda-live from Cambridge Massachusetts and the Microsoft NERD Center with some of the most creative people on the good planet Earth!  Let’s take a walk around the building and you’ll see what I’m seeing:  GREATNESS!

First Dispatch from PodCamp Boston 5 #pcb5

I’m in Cambridge Massachusetts today, attending PodCamp 5 and have just sat through a couple of great presentations about e-books and podcasting.  In this first (of several) reports I’ll record for today; I talk about what’s going on and why PodCamp is so freakin’ cool!

Greetings PodCampers: Here's my Card!

I didn’t want to be the guy at PodCamp who was handing out podcast “business cards”; because I’d rather spend my time absorbing the wisdom of those podcasters who are in attendance.  Despite my 5 years of podcast production (and 10 years of work in commercial radio), I still consider myself a “newbie” to this medium, and I’m eager to learn from the many who will attend PodCamp Boston 5.

So, here’s my “card”, online where it belongs.  I hope to meet you in person this weekend!


Greetings PodCamp Boston 5: I am Steve Runner

My name is Steve, and I’m attending PodCamp Boston 5.  In this video I want to introduce myself and tell you what I’m hoping to get out of this “un-conference” and why I’m very much looking forward to sharing, learning and meeting other content creators as our universes collide (in a good way!) #pcb5

What I’m hoping to get out of PodCamp Boston 5 #pcb5

My name is Steve, and I’m attending PodCamp Boston 5.  In this episode of Intervals I talk about what I’m hoping to get out of this “un-conference” and why I’m very much looking forward to sharing, learning and meeting other content creators as our universes collide (in a good way!) #pcb5


The Podcast You Will Leave Behind

I want to propose to you another good reason why YOU should start your own podcast (or blog) and interestingly enough, it has to do with establishing your “after-life”.


The FUTURE of PodCasting

I’m off to PodCamp Boston 5 this weekend, and the topic is PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE; and in today’s episode of my mid-week Intervals podcast I’m going to talk about my evolution as a new media artist and where I think the future of podcasting is leading to: YOU. #pcb5


How to Recover from a Red Sox Loss

LIVE from Fenway Park, I discuss the best way to overcome the sadness associated with my beloved Red Sox losing a ball game (hint: send me your shouts of encouragement and vote for my essay!).

Heaven is for Everyone and You Can’t Carry Love in a Bucket

Here are my thoughts on answering the question: Who gets to go to Heaven?  Why are you listening to a goofball like me?  How should I know?  Well, in today’s Intervals I attempt to give you a sense of what I’m thinking: is Heaven ONLY for Catholics (like me) and believers?


Intervals: Farming for Shouts and Votes

Just two things to ask of you today: FIRST (and most importantly) could you send me your SHOUTS OF ENCOURAGEMENT for the runners of the 5th Annual World Wide Festival of Races? Also, THANK YOU for your votes for my essay WE COOK BECAUSE WE LOVE in the Medium Raw Essay contest: http://bourdainmediumraw.com/essays/view/76 thanks to you I’m in second place, closing in on first and I’d never be in this position without your help!


Begging for Shouts of Encouragement for the WWFoR

I sometimes feel like I ask too much of you, votes, clicks, signing up for the World Wide Festival of Races AND now, for your Shouts of Encouragement: audio messages to inspire and motivate runners who will run on October 9th and 10th.  Still, that doesn’t stop me from asking you again (and again, and again).


Intervals: Please send me your WWFoR SHOUTS of ENCOURAGEMENT

There isn’t much time left to have your voice included in the 5th Annual World Wide Festival of Races SHOUTS OF ENCOURAGEMENT episode.  If you haven’t sent me audio DO IT RIGHT NOW! 
You can email me your audio file: steve@steverunner.com or just call The Extra Mile Podcast line at 206-339-6497 You have until October 3rd at midnight to send me your words of encouragement for runners all over the world!


How I produce this podcast: iPadio

Today I want to tell you about a great FREE service called iPadio.  It’s the service that allows me to record this podcast whenever, and where-ever I am.  It’s at ipadio.com and I high recommend it: in fact, I insist that you start your OWN podcast!  It’s free, it’s easy and you have something to say that we want to hear!  We need your voice to be heard.


9/11 WWFoR and Moving Towards Love

To conclude this week of talks about the World Wide Festival of Races; I’d like to talk about the real purpose for this event…at least in my mind.  This is only my opinion of course: and the WWFoR is just as much YOUR event as it is MINE; but I can’t help but think about how we live in a world of hatred, and as a community we need to make efforts to move closer to a world filled with love.


WWFoR by the Numbers

The one question that I get CONSTANTLY about my podcast, Phedippidations is: HOW MANY LISTENERS DO YOU HAVE? I’m weary of the question; and as it related to the number of entrants in the World Wide Festival of Races, I think you’ll agree that the question of numbers is pointless.


WWFoR: The Virtual Goodie Bag

Today I’m going to talk about the virtual “Race Packet” for the WWFoR.  This is a PDF publication that YOU can use to promote something, sell something, write something or just take up space.  Listen to today’s episode to learn more; it’s free and you’re welcome to use this as a way to reach out to runners all over the world.



WWFoR: Send Me Your Shouts of Encouragement

In this episode I invite you to send me an audio file to be included in the Shouts of Encouragement episode of Phedippidations which will be heard by participants running in the World Wide Festival of Races!

WWFoR: Send Me Your Shouts of Encouragement!

This is an open invitation for you to send me an audio recording of your shouts of encouragement for the FIFTH ANNUAL WORLD WIDE FESTIVAL OF RACES! YOu can email me your audio file: steve@steverunner.com or just call The Extra Mile Podcast line at 206-339-6497 You have until October 3rd at midnight to send me your words of encouragement for runners all over the world!


WWFoR Week – What is this Festival?

First, greetings new subscribers and fellow runners.  I starting off talking about the purpose of Intervals (for those who just started listening/reading). Where did you come from? Five minutes into this episode I get to the point: let’s talk about the World Wide Festival of Races this week.   


Happy Labor Day Wine Notes

Inspired by @alicefeiring author of the book “Battle for Wine and Love, or How I Saved the World from Parkerization” I’m out for a run with you, talking about Labor Day, Unions and a French Cab Franc I had yesterday (2008 Les Pouches Saumur (Loire, France)).  I’m thinking about the importance of terroir vs craft when it comes to making wine.  



Stephen Hawking doesn’t know WHY

So today I’m going to try to explain what I was tweeting about last night, with several fellow runners, regarding my thoughts on Professor Stephen Hawking’s new book “The Grand Design” where he writes that: "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper [fuse] and set the universe going,"  I say it’s not his place to explain purpose, but only to help us understand the HOW of the Universe.


John Michaels Last First Day of School

My son starts his senior year of high school today, and it’s one of those bitter-sweet days for a Dad who loves him “tree-si-so”.