Episode 300 is IN THE CAN (the good can, not the trash)

Episode 300 will FINALLY arrive through the INTER-Tubes this weekend.

This one is....interesting.


It’s Always Beautiful

My friend, brother, rabbi and fellow runner reminds me that it’s always beautiful no matter where you are. Well said my friend, well said.

Meet Kianna


Not Running Around New York City

I’m spending the night in NYC having taken the train down from New England, and I’m walking around looking for a place to eat on a very cold night in the city.


Grande Finale Direction

In this special episode, I’ll try to offer some direction for the musical number which will conclude episode 300 (and any hope I might have had for a singing career!!).  If you’re taking part in episode 300 (or would like to), listen in and follow along!


New York City Greetings

Hello from the BIG APPLE, where I'm asking for my volunteer chorus for the BIG FINALE to episode 300 to send in your recorded vocals so I can begin major production on the next EPIC episode of Phedippidations!


New York City Update

I’m in the BIG APPLE this week (again) with an update on episode 300 of Phedippidations...and a little update on MY LIFE...which isn’t all that interesting, but hey...this is a FREE PODCAST...give me a break :) Lots of rambling and NYC sounds.


A Conversations with Jim, from Council Bluffs Iowa

Jim James, a fellow runner since 1976 has a few well posed questions for me about my podcast and running.  Listen in and join us in the conversation!


The BIG Finale - One Day More

Recording LIVE (well...kinda, you know) from Penn Station in NYC, I reveal my plans for  the BIG finish to episode 300 of Phedippidations...and epic song that you’re ALL invited to take part in: a parody of the song “One Day More” from Les Mis.

CLICK HERE to see a video of the ACTUAL song: http://youtu.be/CGeBYmBYaos


New York City Stroll

Just a walk to Penn Station, talking about work, running and my 300th episode.  Let's go for a stroll.


A Conversation with Peter from the UK and The Leeland Loco!

Joining me on Intervals today is fellow runner AND podcaster, Peter Herridge, from the UK, host of his fantastic podcast Spikes 2.0 talking about The Leeland Loco ( I hope I spelled that correctly, I named it incorrectly in this episode!) a social running event that will be EPIC!!  

ALL ARE INVITED: Saturday, June 8th 2013 The Leeland Loco!!



Casting Call for the Epic 300th

I’m looking for voices for the 300th episode of Phedippidations.  Let me know if you (or someone you know) would be interested in playing a part in this grande production!