Happy 17th Year of the 3rd Millennium

I'm not into making "New Year Resolutions", but I am looking forward to the new year as a time where I'm going to make some positive changes in my life.  How about you?


Happy Holidays

Fdip218: The 2009 Phedippidations Holiday PodCast Variety Show Special

9 years ago I published a holiday special for fellow runners around the world.

Here it is again, for your listening enjoyment.


Return to The Paper

How do you get your news?  For me, it’s been a long winded journey from online sources to NewRadio and apps and finally, back to the News Paper that my Dad and siblings would read around the kitchen table.


All I Have Left of Her

Surprisingly I didn’t break open the computer while on vacation in Florida, I focused on the “present” and enjoyed both Key West and time with three of my grandchildren.  The first week of December is special to me, for both the good things and bad things that happened over the years, during that week.  On this episode of Intervals, I’m pondering the idea that “pain” is not always a bad thing, maybe.  Or, I could just be full of crap. (Wouldn’t be the first time).  Happy Birthday Kaiya.



Key West with Murph and The Captain

I had a fantastic vacation over the past two weeks, but it was the Red Sox encounters that I want to share with you on this episode of Intervals.