How I've Lost Weight

I had dropped 5 pounds when I recorded this a few days ago, and since then 2 pounds more for a total of 7 pounds lost.  (3 pounds away from my goal).  Here is how I’ve done it.


ANOTHER Biggest PodCast Loser Update

Please take a moment today to say a prayer or think good thoughts for my sad, chubby friends: Kevin and Nigel, who are losing this battle pound by JIGGLY pound.  


PodCamp Weekend Recap with the Zen Runner

Adam and I are driving to Stanford, talking about PodCasting, PodCamp, BACON MAPLE CUPCAKES and a special event that host next year!
Bacon Goodness!!


#pcb6 An Introduction to the World Wide Festival of Races

www.wwfor.com is the website that we’ve set up for the 6th annual World Wide Festival of Races.  In this episode I introduce the idea of the WWFoR to the attendees of PodCamp Boston 6.  On Sunday, afternoon at 2:15 PM Adam Tinkoff will be the lead speaker of a panel where we will tell you how we used social networking and new media to take a virtual community of fellow runners: and get them together in person.

Descartes, Kierkegaard, PodCamp and My Fat Friends

A new episode of Fdip is due out tomorrow, and this weekend I’ll be at PodCamp Boston 6 helping to spread the word about el Mojo Loco.  Oh, and I also mention my corpulent friends Nigel and Kevin. Pray for them.


PodCamp Boston 6 – Introducing Myself, I am Steve Runner #pcb6

This is a podcast introduction to the attendees of PodCamp Boston 6 and an invitation to attend a presentation given by Adam Tinkoff (the Zen Runner, http://www.tinkoff.com and http://slowrunclub.blogspot.com ) on Sunday at 2:15 PM in room 4 about something called “The Mojo Loco”.


New Fdip Episode, PodCamp and Podcastawards.com

If I survive the car accident I almost had in the recording of this episode, there are a bunch of things I wanted to talk about.  Also, I’d appreciate your nomination at http://www.podcastawards.com/ in the “Health/Fitness” or “Sports” categories (or any other category you think Phedippidations fits under).


PodCast Change Consequence Part 2

This is the continuation of a discussion regarding how changes in the conversation of my podcast, Phedippidations, has changed the number of subscribed listeners.


Everyone’s a Critic

I thought it would be fun (well, INTERESTING, maybe not “fun”) to take a look as some of the negatively critical reviews that my PodCast Phedippidations has received on iTunes over the years.  I think that some of the points my critics have raised are fair (although, you can imagine I disagree with many of them).

Regardless of how I might feel, these reviews deserve consideration.  They are brutally honest and reveal some deeply seated passion for (and against) everything I’d ever said on my podcast. 

Today, there are a hundred seventy six reviews about Phedippidations on iTunes, with an average rating of 4 and a half stars (out of five stars).  I welcome all thoughts, opinion and observations here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phedippidations/id76776428

And now, here are the reviews:

Zipnme wrote:  Sorry but leaving (one star)

“Used to think that Steve was the greatest thing since racing flats but I’m going to have to make my IPOD elsewhere.  I adore his family stories and his running topics are THE BEST. But his continuing diatribes on Jenny McCarthy and other social issues show him to be snotty and mean and I just don’t need that in my life.  I actually agree with his views but his holier than thou, zealot ‘tude has totally turned me off.  Let me know, Steve, when you’ve gained some compassion and I’d love to listen again.  Or stick to running.  Thanks for the good times.  Adios.”

MaineRunner wrote: Love to listen when it’s about running (one star)

“However, more and more Steve goes on rants about other topics in the social condition and is often very negative.  Examples are Nike, Apple and the final straw is wanting social services called on the parents of a 13 year old who recently conquered Everest, but it is always something.  If it were all about running, I’d listn, but as it is now I need to disconnect.  If he were to create a different persona for his personal views and leave Steve Runner to speak about running issues that would be good with me, but never know what I am going to get now when I put on the headphones."

RI-LIGHTHOUSE wrote: What Happened to our Steve Runner? (one star)

“It pains me to unsubscribe to this podcast after being a loyal listener since the very beginning.  But Steve Runner has been replaced by Steve Walker, social activist.  As Steve explains, it is his podcast and he can do whatever he wants with it.  He has decided to talk a lot less about running and too much – for my taste – about social issues.  Over and over.  Beating the topics into the ground.  One thought, Steve, is to consider the fate of other endeavors that have a “if you don’t like my podcast there are plenty of others out there. Listen to them instead.” Attitude.  They go out of business. They don’t listen to the “customer”.  Your mission is to please yourself and that is your privilege but it is too bad you don’t choose to consider us too.  Goodbye!”

Michael McLaughlin wrote: No Longer Worth a Listen (one star)

“What started out as a reasonably interesting podcast about running, has become an ill-informed weekly rant with a heavy political slant.  There is little to no actual running content these days.  Do yourself a favor and pass over this podcast."

DanielaDF wrote: Persistent as… (one star)

“Used to be a show I could listen to on long runs.  Used to be weekly and then bi-weekly.  Not it’s looking like monthly.  If that happens.  Steve used to be available on twitter and facebook but now it seems he’s given up on being social.  My husband and I think he has become paranoid with deleting tweets and all.  If you’re going to just delete them, why have a twitter account at all?  I used to recommend this to my running group and it’s disappointing to say that I can no longer do that”.

Ron4sc wrote: “Too self absorbed” (one star)

"I’ve given this podcast several tries over the past year.  I really don’t understand why this is so highly rated.  He blathers on with his perspective on this life, the next life, and everything that has only a loose connection to running.  He needs to deliver running topics and not provide his metaphysical spin on the deeper meaning.  I’m educated and can spot when someone is trying a little too hard to show others their educational chops.  I’m glad people are finding this podcast motivating.  For me, unfortunately, it just reveals his underlying insecurities packaged in multi-syllable words.  This show has only the faintest connection to the reason why I attempted to listen in the first place."

Usickenme wrote: Put a fork in Steve – He’s done (two stars)

"What used to be a charming little podcast about one man’s running (h)as turned into an ad-filled, long winded, preachy, rarely about running mess.  Sure some people like to hear about Steve’s life but if I hear once more about the puppy – I’m going to hurl.  I recommend you go back and listen to the first 50 but STOP after that."

Chris_In Ga wrote: Deviations (two stars)

"This is difficult.  This is really difficult to convey, but I’ll give it my best.  This podcast is what tool me from being able to run 30 minutes continuously at a 10:30 pace to my first marathon finish.  Without question, this podcast has been responsible for encouraging me to reach deeper than I ever imagined being able to.  Seven marathons later and 3 minutes per mile faster, something aesthetic has changed.  The content of the show is still sound.  It’s about running and all things related to training, recovery, and current events related to  the sport. No problem there. I’ve got to be honest though, the last several months have changed things from my perspective.  It’s not my podcast or website, I know.  SO I have no right to decide what is said, talked about, etc. but I think it only right that I convey to Steve that the relentless harping (no matter how justified it seems to be) has really turned me off completely.  Of all the things in this world that warrant attention and disdain, Nike and vaccinations really seem to rank low on the charts to me.  I appreciate your outrage on the idea that you feel wrong is being committed. I do.  

But honestly, derangement seems to be nearing.  It’s to the point of becoming a caricature of it’s own beginning, and that’s not what was intended, I’m sure.  That’s it.  I love the content of the program, but I truly can’t seem to visit the website any longer because I’m afraid that it may ultimately draw me away from the show.  Between the theory of global warming and polio vaccines, there’s got to be a calmer, less “over-the-edge” balance to find.  In my view, and it’s only mine, the nonstop chatter about these things has gone insane."

PodCast Change Consequence Part 1

The other day I got curious, wanting to see if my underlying thematic change on my Phedippidations podcast, to include topics of a philosophical nature, would result in the lose of my audience.  Today I’ll let you know how I know my podcast size and tomorrow I’ll go into what I’ve found.


Successful PodCasting Goals

Here’s an update on my Biggest PodCast Loser progress and a comment about reaching your PodCasting goals.


Campfire Astronomy

I’m sitting by my fire-pit campfire with my telescope next to me as I watch the heavens twirl above me.  In today’s astronomical episode, I’m talking about some of the things you should check out in the night’s sky.


PodCamping in Boston!

The Zen Runner, myself and others will be speaking at PodCamp Boston 6.  This is an opportunity for us to tell the world about the Mojo Loco Movement!  http://podcampboston.org

Escudo Rojo and Fdip276 by Steve Runner

9/11 Nothing to Celebrate or Profit From

Tomorrow is 10 year anniversary of a hateful attack on the world.  Say a prayer, savor your family, conduct a random act of kindness: but don’t get sucked in by the media who will take advantage of this tragedy.  I have a new episode of Phedippidations coming out tomorrow, and the reason I did not mention, within that show, the occurrence of those terrorist attacks is because I refuse to profit from it. Unlike all of the old media television and radio stations who look upon this date as an opportunity to make some money, I will not tarnish the memory of those who suffered by making money in memorializing 9/11.  Don’t watch TV or listen to the radio tomorrow: celebrate your life.

I also talk a little about Henry David Thoreau.


- Steve


Calling All Campers! Join us on Sept 24th and 25th

The Zen Runner (Adam Tinkoff), and I (along with podcast luminaries including the Great Chris Russell) will be attending PodCamp Boston 6 on September 24th and 25th at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center in the Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We’ve been invited to give a key note presentation on how we used social social networks, podcasts and blogs to organize and execute the fastest growing running event (of slow runners) in the real-world.

If you can't make the conference, fortunately we'll be recording the audio and post across the various channels.

If you can make the event, let us know and you can find links to registration in the thread below.

We need your help. Now.

We plan to tell this story with many, many pictures from the various events and would very much like to include yours.

Please share a link to any MOJO/POCO LOCO photos you might like to share and we'll try to include them in the presentation.

Send your photos to Adam and/or myself at our usual addresses. 

IF YOU’LL BE IN BOSTON on September 24th and 25th but can’t attend PodCamp: let’s get together for a beer!  Friday and Saturday night we’ll be in and around the city sampling varies brews and recording podcast content to share our thoughts on PodCasting, Slow Running, and the Mojo Loco Movement!

Thanks in advance for your help and look forward to seeing you at a future MOJO LOCO event!

Adam and Steve

The Biggest PodCast Loser!

I’m happy to announce that I have already won a competition with Nigel http://www.runtogether.org/ and Kevin http://theextramilepodcast.blogspot.com/ to see who can lose the most weight in the month of September.  The official awards ceremony will take place on October 3rd, but let’s face it: I’M GOING TO CRUSH THEM, you know it, I know, Bob Dole knows it…go ahead an print my name on the trophy, if I sound confident it’s because I am.  Listen in today to hear my thoughts on this, my greatest victory!


Regrets for the Appalachian Trail

I’m back on the top of Mount Wachusett in Central Massachusetts, this time with a much better microphone (and out of the wind!) talking about the idea of going for a walk/hike/excursion and telling you about a journey I always dreamed of, but never took.


On Top Of Massachusetts

Today I’m at the top of Mount Wachusetts, so you’ll have to excuse the VERY windy (and almost unintelligible) recording that I made last weekend.  A new episode of Phedippidations is due out on Sunday, September 11th and this is an introduction to what you’ll hear when we go for a run together this weekend!


Wine Review: 07 Jade Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

I found a new Cab Sauv tonight at our local wine shop; it’s the 2007 “Jade Mountain” Cab; it’s 55% Napa, 42% Sonoma and 8% Lake County grown.  I bought it only because I really love blended wines, but this is all the same varietal, and WOW is this good!  It has a subtle yet firm and fruity nose with hints of floral, raspberry, cherry and even a little blueberry; but then it hits the palate with a very well balanced cherry cedar fusion: the tannins spread the black currant wash over your tongue and settle in firmly, with a short jab of nasal acidic that dissipates immediately and calms down to a slow, lazy, dry and lasting finish of chocolate, beef and pepper; we’re talking a mole sauce here that settles into the back of your throat and makes you beg for more.   This is the best Cab Sauv I’ve had in the past few years, a complete surprise for only $16 US.  13.5% Alc and a really fantastic Cab.  Look for it, you can thank me later by pouring me a glass!!

We’re Going on an Excursion!

A new episode of Phedippidations will be coming out this weekend, Fdip265, where I’ll read to you an abridged version of an essay by Henry David Thoreau and pass along the idea of going for a long walk!


The Tech-Geek Who Admires Thoreau

While it’s true that I’m a total techno-geek, appreciating high technology and working to wire the planet: at the same time I have this dream of living off the land, in the wilderness or on my own farm.  


The Idea of Purpose

I’m wondering if there is a purpose to life, and I’m starting to think that the purpose of life is to live a GOOD life; or taken to another level: the purpose of life IS life.


Church and State – Keep Away From Each Other!

Today I’ll anger many people by talking about the importance of the separation of Church and State and how angry it makes me when politicians offer themselves as moral leaders, when what we REALLY need from them is political leadership and organization skills.