Hurricane Sandy – Update 3

Taking a walk around my property to see the “BEFORE” visual imagines before my house blows down!  It’s going to be a rough night, but we’ll get through it.  If you’re on the east coast: PLEASE stay safe.  It’s going to be ugly, but as the old song goes: “The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow” (well, maybe Friday!)

Hurricane Sandy – Update 2

The winds are starting to pick up here in Central Massachusetts.  Right now we’re seeing winds of about 35 mph (I know this is true because the stupid TREE I didn’t trim correctly this summer is banging into the side of my house!!) and gusts of 50 mph are already hitting us (the wind wasn’t supposed to get this bad until after dark!).  BUT we still have power…although the lights have been flickering.  If you don’t hear from me: look for me on twitter.steverunner.com or facebook.steverunner.com.  If you’re getting hit with this STAY SAFE, DON’T GO OUTSIDE!  It’s getting bad out there.

Hurricane Sandy – Update 1

From Central Massachusetts where the force of Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit us with 50 mph winds and, in total, up to 3 inches of rain: we’re ready.  Although (from what I’ve read) I don’t expect Sandy to cause too much destruction for us; I do get the sense that it’s going to be bad.  I hope my “gut feeling” is wrong.  This is the first of a few updates I’ll publish through the day.


Running Out of the SLUMP OF DOOM

I have an interesting graph to share with you that describes my weekly mileage since the first of the year.  The analysis is fascinating in that it clearly shows that I’ve been running into a proverbial SLUMP of DOOM!  But in the last few weeks, I’m starting to run out of it.

Click imagine for a larger view


Not Getting Angry

I suppose one of the many reactions to losing my job could be to SCREAM and YELL and FIGHT and GET ANGRY…but I really have no one to be angry at! 

Besides…getting angry won’t make anything better.  Don’t worry, be happy.


Yesterday Bad, Tomorrow Better

“Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.”Sydney J. Harris


Podcast Enlightenment

Today I’m talking about how Podcasting is NOTHING like radio, despite the confusion of the uniformed.  Podcasting is a high definition version of a “chatroom”, where it doesn't often “echo”.


A New Fdip This Weekend

A new episode of the "award winning" podcast PHEDIPPIDATIONS will hit the pod-o-sphere this weekend.  You have been warned.


The Wine Chat Podcast #7 Preview

Coach Jeff and I spend some time enjoying the Bordeaux region of France, and talking all about the amazing wines from this classic wine area of the world.


You’ll be SICK of me by this weekend!

My dulcet tones will be heard in your poor, undeserving heads this weekend on two podcast episodes: the first being THE WINE CHAT PODCAST and, if I can wrap things up in the next day or so: episode 297 of PHEDIPPIDATIONS.  That’s two, Two, TWO hours of voices talking in your head!



My Podcast Philosophy and Strategy

Today is a bit of a Meta-cast, where I’ll talk about my philosophy about creating content and my strategy for reaching my “new media goals”.  Also, I’ll talk about how you can help me reach my goals.


Doctor Who?

I am a “Whovian”, a long time fan of the BBC television series “Doctor Who”.  In today’s Intervals I’ll talk about the show and why I love it with both of my timey-wimey hearts.


Another Brick in the Wall

I conducted an experiment last night to see if, by listening to a classic rock album by Pink Floyd titled “The Wall”, I could re-live the self contemplative state of mind that I experienced in my youth.  What I found was that I’m not the young man I used to be: I’m much MUCH better than that.