My New Gadget and a New Wine Chat!

I received my Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale today, and it’s wicked cool…and, there’s a new episode of The Wine Chat Podcast en route to your wine cellar this weekend.  Cheers!

The Wine Chat Podcast 6

A new episode of The Wine Chat Podcast will be published this weekend with Coach Jeff and I talking about Wine Containers: specifically: barrels and all their oaky goodness.


A Beautiful, Beautiful Thing.

This weekend my wife and I visited the Finger Lakes wine region, and more importantly: attended a celebration of the love between two friends.


Re-subscribe to Phedippidations

A technical glitch at Feedburner has forced me to do something I should have done years ago: GIVE UP ON FEEDBURNER!  If you haven’t received episode 296 of Phedippidations on iTunes, you’ll need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to Phedippidations.


A New Gadgety Fdip is due out this afternoon.

A new episode of Phedippidations is coming out today, talking about 4 motivational gadgets that “might” inspire you to get more active. Run long and taper.


Phedippidations RSS and Feedburner Limitations

I received a “gi-numbo” number of emails this weekend (well, a bit more than a few dozen) from listeners to Phedippidations who wanted to know why iTunes hadn’t included the latest episode (Fdip295) in their podcast download folders.  Today, I’ll take a simple 2 minute explanation and drone on and on for way too long about what happened, and why I have to limit the number of episodes in the feed.


Fighting the Good Fight and a New Phedippidations

Episode 295 of Phedippidations is due out this weekend, and I wanted to let you know upfront: that this one is kinda personal.


The Wine Chat Podcast 5

Coach Jeff and I are out to answer the question: "How long should I store (age) my wine?" on this episode of TheRunningWinos.com :)


090412 - I don’t think Paul Ryan is an idiot

So what DOES that make him?  

Listen and hear my opinion his “2 hour and 50 minute” marathon PB.