New Poco Loco Course

After running the course this past weekend, and in discussion with Adam: we're now thinking it might be best if we made a slight change to the Poco Loco course, so that rest-rooms would be available through the course. Here is what we're thinking now.  The red course is 5.79 miles long, and the blue course is 7 miles long. There are two possible public rest-rooms; the first is at the Double Tree Suites Hotel, and the second is at the Science Museum Cafeteria.
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Happy Birthday Indiana Jones!

Our puppy, Indy, is 2 years old today!  
Here's a look back at one of the GREATEST PUPPIES IN THE WORLD!


El Poco Loco Curso (Part Two: the Cambridge Side)

This is the second video I shot as I ran the Cambridge side course of the Poco Loco Curso. I ran over the Arsenal Street bridge, back east towards the city. It was a great run, however there werent any public rest room facilities. I felt great, really took my time because I wanted to scope the place out. Ill have a full report on my blog at steverunnerblog.com

El Poco Loco Curso (Part One: the Boston Side)

This is video that I shot as I ran the Boston side course of the Poco Loco Curso. I parked at the science museum and then ran the Boston side, up Charles Street to Storrow Drive, past the Longfellow Bridge, the Hatch Memorial Shell (the Esplanade) and up past Harvard Bridge, Boston University (and the BU Bridge) past the Harvard Business School onto Soldiers Field Road where I stopped at Christian Herter Park. This is part one of a two part video.


Purchase or Download my story: “Duncan Rises”

As a test of the Amazon Direct Publishing system, Ive published my short story from episode 268 on Amazon.com as an e-book. BUT Ive also published a PDF of the story to my dropbox, and provided a link in the show notes at http://steverunner.com. Im not looking to make money from my story (which is why I posted the free PDF at the same time); Im just using this as an opportunity to learn how to use the ADP system for future projects that I'm working on.


Fdip268 Preview

A brand spanking new episode of Phedippidations is coming out this weekend; dated for Sunday the 27th but arriving on your favorite podcast listening device at midnight on Friday (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). This is going to be something special that I hope you enjoy: an original fictional short story written by some doofus named Steve Runner. As a bonus (oh yeah, I know you like bonuses) Ill have a link at SteveRunner.com where you can download a PDF (portable document format) of the story if you want to share it with others.


26.2 On My Own Terms

I needed a win today, and I got it done. Two 10 mile loops around the house and I finished up with a 6 mile loop (plus the obligatory 0.02; thanks for the great advice Adam). I felt great, as expected, through mile 25. I ran the first 3 miles with a 3:2 run/walk ratioand then did 30 seconds/30seconds for the remainder. By the end of the 1st 10 mile loop I felt awesome; by mile 13 I was still feeling great, into the second half of the second 10 mile loop (around mile 16) I started to weaken, but not that badand still on target run/walk wise. This was the single most important run I think I have ever completed. Todays run really had NOTHING to do with running; it was all about doing something I loved on my own terms without care for clock or outside (imaginary) pressures. I really feel like todays run was a turning point in my running; and in a lot of ways: my life. My wife was there for me the entire way, watching me live on Endomondo and ready to rescue me if it didnt work out. This was a BIG win today; on a day that I honestly wasnt sure what I could do. I went into this run without expectation: and approached it with the question I wonder if I can run a marathon today? Turns out that I could. Turns out that I can do just about anything.


Kaitlynne and Ali Make the World a Better Place!

Todays video starts with my observations regarding INSANE SQUIRRELS, and then segues nicely into a message from Kim about the Cookies for Kids' Cancer that her two wonderful kids sold for a great Charity!


Poco Waves

Adam IMd me last night with a brilliant idea that were going to incorporate into el Poco Loco Boston. Fast and slower waves!


Poco Loco Good News / Bad News

I've got some good and bad news regarding el Poco Loco to discuss; and an opportunity for anyone who's interested!


The Ankle from Hell

I appear to have broken myself again. My right ankle, which has caused me so much grief in the past, is once again causing me to suffer. Its getting close to the point where Im going to need one of you watching this to drag me out-back and put me out of my misery; if ya know what I mean.


Poco Loco Update - March 6, 2011

As I write this we are a mere 7 weeks and 6 days away from el Poco Loco Boston!  In the next week (or so) John Ellis and I are going to drive both courses (up the Charles) and look for a suitable place for our “Half Time Show”.   

Also, I’m going to make some phone calls this week to find a suitable place for both the Pre-Run Party (Friday, April 29th) and the Post-Run Meal.  I’m hoping, with the latter, to find someplace where we can all sit around the same table (or at least have our own room) that doesn’t cost us too much (i.e. “anything extra”).  The goal in selecting a restaurant or pub is that we keep the financial costs low (the spirit of el Mojo Loco is to make this as inexpensive as possible). 
SO, today’s Poco Loco question is this:

Is anyone expecting NOT be attend the post run festivities? 

I want to provide as accurate “head count” as I can.  My assumption is that there will be (at least) 16 of us, but I think Tim Cleary will have his family with him…and I’m not sure about anyone else.

Does everyone have a place to stay?  I’m going to be spending the weekend with Eddie and Adam at my parents house in Weymouth; but I want to make sure that Kelly, Jeff, Neil, and Tim Cleary have a place to stay. 

That’s all for now, sorry for the long message.  Now that I’m back home (from vacation in Florida) I intend to spend a lot more time and kilojoules on el Poco Loco Boston!  I think it’s safe to say that this is the single GREATEST running event to take place in my hometown! (although, there is another event that takes place the week before).

Viva el Poco Loco!

- Steve

ipadio: Last Run in Florida and 100 Mile Dreams


ipadio: Farewell Cape Coral (for now)

Pre-Poco Loco Party April 29th!

This is an invitation to anyone who may be in the Boston area on April 29th, to join us for a Pre-Run Party with Team Poco Loco Boston! Were going to get together the night before the Poco Loco to have a beer, get to know each other and talk the night away. If youre into new media, social networking or just want to meet some of the coolest runners in the world: send me an email: steve@steverunner.com and Ill keep you posted on where and what time were getting together!

Slow Runners Club

This week I'm aguest host on one of my all time favorite podcasts: SLOW RUNNERS CLUB. Please take some time, when you can, to say a prayer for Eddie Marathon and his family, and let him know that you're thinking of him: http://www.facebook.com/edmarathon


Zen Java Runners Unite

Facebook is great and everything, but here I keep getting poked by my good friend Adam as we share a cup of coffee in Fort Meyers Florida.