Digital and the Radio Star

Mark Parenteau has passed away.  He was a good guy and a legend in radio.  His passing reminds me that I played a very small but important part in the “digital age” of radio. and it’s somehow fitting that I can tell you this story on a podcast.


At the Landsdowne on Fenway

Eric and I are at Fenway, enjoying a frosty brew after a tough Red Sox loss. In the course of this conversation we discuss way too many things, as is our way. GO SOX!


Digging Warren's Point

Warren (the fellow runner, NOT the interconnecting rabbit burrow) send me an incredibly well written, brilliant and intelligent email message.  I can’t read it to you because I don’t have permission to do so, but I felt that the best response I could give to him would be through a “goofy little podcast”.  Thank you Warren!