Words - Photos = Pizza - Cheese

The Chicago Sun-Times today decided to fire ALL of the photographers on their staff. Was this a brillant move or the DUMBEST SINGLE THING THAT A NEWSPAPER COULD EVER DO? You be the judge.


The Personal Audio Troll

There’s a lawsuit filed against a number of “professional” podcasters who have been been podcasting without a license.  Listen in as I quiver in my little space boots.


This Weekend: A New Epsiode (304) of Phedippidations

This weekend a new episode of Phedippidations will hit you in the head as I bring you along the roads of Boston for el Cinco Loco!  I wish you could have been there, but this is the next best thing.


Who is Doctor Who?

*** WARNING *** 
This is going to be a totally GEEKY episode of this podcast where I talk about, 
what I consider to be, the GREATEST television show of all time!


What I'm Reading, Something to Think About and RunCastList.com

I have three things to talk about today, FIRST: I want to tell you about a great book that I'm reading SECOND: I want to tell you about a great article that I read, with some deep thing to think about and THIRD: All about RunCastList.com


John Glenn Bleeps Again

The first thing you have to understand is that Johnny SAYS offensive things just to make it more difficult for me to edit this podcast.  He doesn’t belive any of the stupid things he says...it’s just that...by saying such drivel, he knows that I have to spend extra time putting this podcast together...and that pleases him.  Listen in as my nephew Johnny makes it difficult (but not impossible) to post this episode of Intervals.


Mothers Day Special

Meet my Mom; Loretta Walker...a woman who deserves a special award for raising the likes of me! Recorded this morning in Weymouth, Massachusetts...in the house I grew up in; this is my mother. I love her Tree-Si-So.


An Email from Malcom

Malcom has a GREAT race report and some incredibly kind words. This is another email from my "inbox".


An Email from Pierre-Alexandre

I'm going to try and catch up with my email's this week, and the first one comes in from Pierre, from Canada with some incredibly kind words and some very valid points about something I said about myself.


The Lost Tapes of Zen Runner - PART 2

This is the second of a two part episode where I sit down and share a glass of wine with my "brother from another mother" Adam Tinkoff. Here we talk about the GREAT Chris Russell, The Mojo Groton Loco, Dolphin Cheese, Adam's BAD Scottish accent, runners we've met, the PERFECT hamburger and Tim's wife's AMAZING cupcakes!!!


Shock of the Slow Runners Cinco Loco - PART 1

Adam and I set up a microphone, and just talked about whatever we felt like talking about.  Diets, Penguin cheese, Mojo Loco runs and everything in between. This is part one of a two part episode.