Fdip326 Extra: A Chat With Coach Jeff Smith

Coach Jeff and I talk about increasing your mileage and putting the past behind you as a way to improve our running experience.


Opinion of Justice from a Boston Runner

He DESERVES the DEATH PENALTY, of course he does. I honestly feel that the Marathon Bomber (whose name we’ll thankfully forget one day) should get the MOST SEVERE PENALTY for his crime:, but I don’t believe that the death penalty is THE most severe thing that could be given to him. Instead, he should be forced to live the rest of his life in prison. Execution would make him a martyr and make him a hero to some. 

Think it through. 

What is the worst thing that could happen to him? 

(A) Kill him per his wishes and make him a hero to those who applaud him or 
(B) Put him away forever and forget about him, knowing that he is experiencing all the suffering of incarceration? 

Let me know what YOU think. There are no wrong answers.