A Beautiful Day in New York, an AWESOME Cinco Loco in Boston

I'm back in the Big Apple, looking forward to a GREAT weekend in Boston with friends who I'll be running with through MY city.  BOSTON STRONG!


Another Talk with John Glenn, Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned.

I’m going to Heaven.  I know this for a fact.  WHY? You ask?  Because I’ve already spent time in HELL driving my nephew John Glenn to and from college.  When Saint Peter gets a look at me, he’s going to have a LIMO ready to take me to Heaven’s version of Fenway Park.  “Sorry about all the time you had to spend with your nephew” Pete will say “I’ve got you season tickets behind home plate.  


A Conversation with Alyssa

My neice Alyssa joins me on the podcast today as we talk about her employment, driving and culinary talents.  It’s a fancinating look into the life of my sweet though annoying neice.


My Nephew at the Marathon: The Roast Beef Sandwich Story

Please don’t be offended by my annoying young nephew Johnny.  

While he does “drop the F bomb” in the spirit of Big Papi; he goes on  and on and on...and on and on and on about HIS special catastrophy at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  

I’m Steve Runner and I do NOT approve this message. 


A Tour of the Cinco Loco Course

el Cinco Loco Curso

On May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, we are going to celebrate the life, and run with a beautiful soul: Jacob Tinkoff, and we’re going to finish what the runners of the 117th Boston Marathon started, crossing the finish line on Boylston Street.  Join us in Boston, and be BOSTON STRONG.


The PodCast I never wanted to produce

Episode 303 of Phedippidations is out.  It took me 4 days to put together and features some of the most eloquant voices of fellow runners who experienced the terror of the 117th Boston Marathon. I wish to GOD that I never had to produce such a show, but am so very thankful that my friends and fellow runners were there to share their experiences and thoughts.  Most of all, I'm so grateful that they're safe.


Cinco Loco Boston: Bringing Light and Honor to the Boston Marathon Finish Line

On May 5th, we will run to the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon.  We’re not going to be sad about it, we’re going to do what we DO, as runners.  We’re going to run, together.  We’re going to say a prayer for Jacob, a beautiful soul who made the world a better place with his love and music, and we’re going to honor those who were injured and lost their lives at the finish line of the 117th Boston.  We will do this because we are runners: and we do not fear hatred.  We are united across the world.  We think global, run local.  We run.


Tonight We’re All Boston Marathoners

I’m trying to understand the events of today’s Boston Marathon Massacre; and all I can come up with is that: “We must not be fearful”.

A Prayer for the Injured.

I really don’t have much to say about the finish line explosions at Boston today; except that we should all say a prayer for the injured.


The 1,000 Dollar Challenge

It's a beautiful day in New York City and I'm still you're not famous friend!


Baseball Magic

I have such great memories of Fenway Park; it’s “just a building” that has been a big part of my life.  And while baseball is “just a game” this building, and this game...really are much more that what they seem.  To me, they mark moments in my life.  My friend Eric and I are at the ballpark enjoying a great opening day!


Opening Day at Fenway

It’s a beautiful spring day here in the city of Boston.  I’m at Fenway Park to watch the home opener with my beloved Red Sox vs. the Baltimore Orioles.  Baseball is back, and it feels “So good, so good, so good”.


A Beautiful Day

I'm recording in Cape Coral at my stepsons home, playing with my grandaughters the day after Easter, and I'm "Thinkiing Tinky".