Mojo Poco Loco Training

Youve heard of Spring Training, right? Thats when major league (and other) baseball teams head to warmer parts of the country to prepare for the regular season. Here in the Ft. Meyers area is the training camp for my beloved Boston Read Sox, and Im here at the beach training for el Poco Loco.



I miss the snow. AHAHAHAHAHA...you don't seriously believe that I miss the ice and cold of New England do you? I'm on vacation from the polar climate...bring on the sun baby!



EmailCast: Windows Phone Mike and Clara from Paris

Over the next few days Im going to make an attempt to answer most (not all) of my emails. Today I respond to Mike, who just got a Windows based smart phone and Clara from Paris who is running her first Boston Marathon this April!


Taking a Break

It's really not that big of a deal; but I wanted to check in and let you know that I'm going to take a break this week from producing Phedippidations (trying to avoid a slew of emails on the topic of "I can't download the latest episode!"). I'd HIGHLY recommend that you check out some of the other GREAT running podcasts that are available at www.runningpodcasts.org this week. I should have a new episode next week, sometime.



Attempted Snow Removal

Matt and I try to clear some of the snow from the roof of my house. Consider this a nice try.


Feb 4th Feedback for John Ellis

This morning I walked (easy ran) for one hour at a 4% incline at 4 miles per hour.

Fdip264: Running Blogcast: Pre-Race Jitters

In this video I talk about my latest episode, written by fellow runner Kim Cowart; all about "Pre Race Jitters".


Upcoming Episode and Other Stuff

I'm talking about the upcoming episode of Phedippidations, and a few other things that cross my mind as I make my way to the office this morning.