Conspiracy Theories Are Nothing But That

The Moon Landing?  Big Pharma?  The Global Domination of all Humanity?  Seriously, some people need to take a deep breath and think it through.


Merry Baseball

Back at the old ball park (which opened in 1905, thus making it in fact older than Fenway) with Eric, Meridth and Kathy savoring a beautiful night for baseball.


Talkin' bout a ZENVEDA-lution.

Good news and bad news time everyone.  First the good news: I'm NOT going to produce an episode of Phedippidations in August. The bad news? I am taking part in ZENVEDA...which means...well, listen in and I'll tell ya what that means! #ZENVEDA


Gratitude for the Gratitude

My 10th Anniversary episode has been published, thanks to my friend Adam Tinkoff (The ZenRunner).

Thank you Adam, Eddie, Jeff, Derek, Chris, Susan, Margaret, Peter, Donna, Norn, Kevin, Christina, Carlos, Tim, Neil and Jim and everyone else who has sent me kind wishes! As we say here in Boston “I appreciate it a WICKED lot”.


A Canadian King in a Yankee Court

On the occasion of my 10th anniversary of podcasting, my co-host and music director Neil Bearse joins me from the “Enemy Halls” of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York to talk baseball, podcasting and the many years of running together.



This was the first episode of Phedippidations I ever produced, episode ONE from July 4th, 2005.  It has been an HONOR to run with you.
the grandaughter who I'll never get to know