WatchCast: Conflicting Philosophies

I’m recording this via my Apple Watch on a slightly warmer spring day, while I contemplate the upcoming March for Science. 



This episode was recorded during and after the Nor’Easter that hit these parts.  Winter is back with a vengeance…and speaking of that…I’ve got a few things to say about a certain head of the EPA and his very silly opinions.



I watched a great documentary last night that I can’t stop thinking about.  With Global Warning and the Trump Show consuming our conversations, maybe there’s a better way to change the hearts and minds of those who oppose the truth.


March for Science - OVERWHELMING Evidence

On Earth Day, April 22nd, I’ll be marching for SCIENCE…in Boston.

Global Warming is the single most important concern in Human History (yeah, for the ENTIRE history of humanity…this TRUMPS every other concern.)

In the weeks leading up to the March, I’m going to make this case using OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE.

Here are some links of interest:


Say Something Nice

When I was growing up (not that I’ve stopped), my Mom would engage us children, every day, with some kind of a “mental exercise”.  Instead of watching TV, we were forced (oh the horror) to read books (laugh if you will, but I read every installment of “Little House on the Prarie” and loved it).  WHen it came to social quandries, she was equally instructive.  Now that we’re in the “Age of the Trumpers” it’s time for me to take my Mom’s advice and say something nice.  Five things in fact.