More Than a Game

I’m back at Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field to watch my Worcester Tornadoes get blown away by the Rockland Boulders (of Rockland County, New York).  It’s not going well for my team, but that doesn’t mean I’m having a bad time.  Baseball is both “nothing” and “everything”, as I’ll try to explain.


Making Sense

I recorded this on Sunday night.  Something terrible happened in my quaint New England town over the weekend, and I’ve decided to stop trying to make sense of it all and have given up my search for the answer “Why?”  Instead I’m going to appreciate MY life and the lives of others all the more.



Weekend Update

What’s up Steve?” you might ask.  “Not much” I’d respond…but as we head into the weekend I’ll rattle off, here, some of the things that I am “up to” with respect to podcasting, my puppies, running, health and of course wine!


Am I Intolerant?

An anonymous friend and fellow runner wrote me to set me straight about something I said in a previous episode of this podcast, and to suggest that I might have become ”less tolerant of people that (I) disagree with?"

In this episode I don’t defend myself, instead I raise the question: could this be true?

Wine Chat PodCast 2 – Tasting Notes

I’m tasting a 2009 French Fusion from the Languedoc region. “Lot 21” Ninety Plus Cellars Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.

Join Coach Jeff and I this week as we talk about “Wine Varietals” on the Wine Chat Podcast.


Assuming People are Good.

Today I’m going to stand up on the soapbox (no, not an actual box of soap, I recorded this as I was driving to work; it would have been terribly dangerous if I was standing on a box of soap as I was driving!), to talk about my general “philosophy” regarding relationships.  I’m sure you have the same feelings as I do.


Johnny NO

My nephew John Glenn and I are having a short (annoying) discussion on Cavendish Beach looking out on the Gulf of St. Lawrence; where his thoughts turn to all things FOOD.
Dad and John Glenn: Shucking oysters.


Katie's First Oyster

My niece Katie enjoys her very first oyster during our visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Her life is forever changed!


An Email from my friend, Glenn.

My annoying nephew, John Glenn and I respond to a great email from friend and fellow runner Glenn, from the University of Florida



Beach Day on P.E.I.

The last time I was here, I was 16 years old.  It was here that I learned to love lobster and the beautiful red soil of this Maritime island.  Excuse the wind in this episode, it felt good…but it’s a little harsh on the ears.


Greetings from P.E.I.

I'm on Prince Edward Island, in Canada with my Dad, sister and her family...and YES there's a NEW episode of Phedippidations about to hit the InterWebs.
My Dad, pointing at the location where his mother (my Nana) grew up on Prince Edward Island.

PodCasting from my Ancestral Home

I’m on the Canadian province and island known as: Prince Edward Island with my Dad, sister and her family.  It’s a beautiful part of the world, and the antidote to stress.


An Apology to Thomas Cruise Mapother the Fourth

The title of this podcast isn’t snarky, it’s sincere.  
The actor Tom Cruise is a real person, and I regret all of the ridicule I've thrown at him over the years. 
I'm done with "-isms and -ologies".
Live and let live.


A New PodCast to Wine About!

I’m “wicked happy” (that means I'm "very glad") to report to you that a new PodCast has hit the Pod-o-sphere (that’s an actual place, the “pod-o-sphere”, I've been there…it’s shiny); that features the GREAT Coach Jeff Smith and your humble host: Me (I’m kind-of a “big deal”), called:

The Wine Chat PodCast - http://www.thewinechatpodcast.com


WJUL Steve YEAH Walker Tapes – Part 4

This is the fourth installment of a radio show I hosted when I attended the University of Lowell, in Lowell Massachusetts back in the early 1980’s.

At this point in the show, my friends and I are back in the studio…and it’s late at night, actually moving onto early in the morning.  We’re drinking beer and cranking the music LOUD in the studio.

What you don’t hear, is that my friend and station manager, Chuck Jenest came down to the studio’s at around 2 in the morning to see what I was up to, and how drunk I really was. (Hey, I was 20 years old and STUPID!)

WJUL Studio Loungem circa 1982


WJUL Steve YEAH Walker Tapes – Part 3

This is the third installment of a radio show I hosted when I attended the University of Lowell, in Lowell Massachusetts.  It was recorded 30 years ago.

Check out the introduction to the show.  I was heavily interested in program production and all of the elements you’ll hear were recorded on reel-to-reel audio tape…edited together using razor blades and scotch tape!

This was a live remote broadcast that I hosted with some friends from back in the Quincy/Weymouth area who drove up to spend a few hours with me “on the radio”.  This first part takes place at a pizza-pub on campus and then (later) we head back into the studio.

The audio heard here was recorded out of phase because the studio engineer pressed the wrong button…but the quality is still pretty good after all these years (the lyrics to some of the songs are somewhat suppressed).  


WJUL Steve YEAH Walker Tapes – Part 2

This is the second installment of a radio show I hosted on November 10th, 1982 when I was 20 years old (almost 30 years ago).

The audio you’ll hear is side B of an “air-check” tape I recorded on that date.  It is presented unedited, without post processing; directly from my cassette tape deck to my H2 Zoom digital recorder.

In this installment, you’ll hear a live broadcast of a concert performed by the band “Primary Colors”.


WJUL Steve YEAH Walker Tapes – Part 1

This is the first installment of an audio “air-check” tape that was recorded on November 10th, 1982 when I was 20 years old (almost 30 years ago).

It is presented unedited, without post processing; directly from my cassette tape deck to my H2 Zoom digital recorder.

Special thanks to
Jim “Wah” Oliver
Paul “Sign up for lots o’ things” Bischoff
Bill “Yeah, that’s the ticket” Oneil
Chuck “Silent Yeah” Jenest
And of course, my Production Twin: Just Plain Bob (Weston).


Preview of my Radio Past

In the next week or so, I’ll be presenting segments from my radio show that I hosted back in the early to mid 1980’s, from WJUL, Lowell 91.5 FM “Real Underground Radio”.  Each Intervals segment will be about 40 minutes long, and the music will most definitely NOT be podsafe.  Expect the first installment tomorrow, with others to follow soon after.


Pod-iversary and the Seven Year Itch

I’m not scratching; but this Wednesday does mark the 7th anniversary of Phedippidations; the podcast that began as one for runners, by a runner.  Today, it’s much MUCH different than it was when it started out: and that’s what I talk about in this episode.