Mr. President, Don't Do This.

War must always be the final resort. It is morally wrong in all cases except, perhaps, in self defense.  If you decide, on your own, to go to war with Syria, it will be unforgivable. STOP, President Obama....you work for me and I do not give you the authority to wage war whenever you feel that it's something that is good.  If you choose to do this, you are BROKEN, and should not be my President.  

What are you thinking? MY GOD!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!!  Who do you think you are?  

You are a servant to the public, and if you take this country to another war, you will have proven yourself defective. You do this, and I will regret your election and will be embarrassed to call myself an American. I love my country Mr. President: but stop it...don't do this....back off....stand down, use every other means to fight against the injustice of the Syrian government....but DO NOT GO TO WAR.  It's wrong, and YOU KNOW it's wrong. I also have a problem with your NSA snooping, and I know that you'll hear this..so listen carefully: STOP.  Do not go to war with Syria OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. We are better than this, and you do not have the right to risk our servicemen and women. If you do this, you will have made the worst mistake of your life, and we will never forgive you.



Baseball Significance

I get it, I know...baseball, it's just a game...okay, okay....fine....BUT to me it's more than just a game...and I wish I could explain that to you, but it's beyond my ability OKAY?! It's a FIRESIDE CHAT where I talk about St. Anthony, Baseball and other STUFF.


You're Own Personal Jesus

OysterFest 2

The title speaks for itself.  This is the second annual Walker-clan Oysterfest...this time taking place at my parents house (the home where I grew up) in Weymouth, Massachusetts.  My nephew Johnny is here of course, and hilarity ensues.


The Tears of Saint Lawrence

Another Fireside Chat finds me looking at the heavens as our planet hurls itself into the path of a stream of ice and dust left over from a passing comet that orbits our sun once every 130 years or so.  These are the Persieds and the Tears of Saint Lawrence!


New Who!

The actor Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor, and I for one think he’s a BRILLIANT choice!   Yes, I’m on my way to work on this one, talking (at length) about Doctor Who and the fantastic connections to Buddism (from what very little I know of the subject).


Bluh bluh, Blah...Bluh Blah, Bluh, Bluh

Bluh bluh, Blah...Bluh Blah, Bluh, Bluh

Bluh bluh bluh blah bluh bluh, blaaaah, bluh?  Blah blah!  Blah, bluh blah blah BLAH!!
Blah bluh bluh bluh blah blah bluh...BUT bluh bluh bluh BLAAAAAAHHH!!

And a fish.