Running with my iFit Treadmill

Today I'm trying out a new (el cheapo) camera and running on my (much expensive) treadmill...on an 8 mile virtual run around town using Google Maps.


Read Any Good Blogs Lately?

I'm looking for recommendations of some great blog essay entries that you may have read recently? It should be at least tangentially related to the topic of running: and should be interesting, thought provoking, funny or entertaining. Ideally, it would be great if the author would record her/his reading of his/her essay so I could feature it on Phedippidations. (I can help with the technical requirements of recording: its easy). If youve read a great blog entry lately, and think that the author might appreciate some free publicity by having their essay featured on a podcast: let me know. Email Steve at Steve Runner.com or just Tweet me on http://twitter.com/steverunner (or Facebook). Thanks!


Poco Loco Update

This is going out to Team Poco Loco Boston; as we plan for our run up and down the Charles River in both Boston and the Peoples Republic of Cambridge!


My New Podcast

There's a new podcast up on iTunes this morning, titled "Intervals Video" and that's what I'm talking about today.


They Say It's My Birthday!

On the occasion of my 49th orbit around the sun, I sit with the OTHER son in my life and talk about my birth.


FdipVid256: A Brief History of Wine

This is a video where I talk about episode 256 of Phedippidations titled "A Brief History of Wine"

Last Year of my Forties

Tomorrow is my 49th Birthday, the last year before I break that half-century mark. How will I celebrate? I suspect you already know.


Runners Who "Get It"

Today I'm out on a run, talking about runners who understand how to balance their lives with their joy of running.


Running Through Oxford

These are scenes from my 10 mile run around the town of Oxford, Massachusetts; where I live. The song “Terra Nova” was by Jim Fidler, at www.JimFidler.com


Puppy Update: All Is Well With Eva

One of my puppies, Eva Jones, was spayed yesterday. She had a rough night but is doing much better today.


Post Storm Run

It's so beautiful here in New England after a Nor'Easter, that I just had to go for a run today. Here is what I saw.

Snow Day

Living in New England means living with adversity and while a Nor’Easter might seem unnecessary and annoying to some: it’s something that New Englanders have come to expect and accept: as evidenced by the way my puppies (and children) play in the snow!


El Mojo Nor’Easter

Today’s weather report: Heavy Snow along with gusty winds and blizzard conditions. High 27F. Winds NE at 25 to 35 mph with gusts over 40 mph. 10 inches of additional snow expected.  


The Runners RoundTable Needs YOU!

This is an invitation for you to take part in a very special New Media production: The Runners RoundTable is looking for hosts to take part in one of our communities most important podcast entities! Go to http://www.runnersroundtable.com to learn more!

Congratulations to:

for an outstanding weekend of running at Walt Disney World!


My Training and Other Thoughts

Today I’m going to give you an update about my marathon training (for an event to be named later) and I also talk a little about my problems with having a “Phedippidations Meet-Up” in Boston.


Team Poco Loco Boston Update 2

Three things to discuss this week:
1. It's pronounced "Bah-Stun"
2. There are two courses on either side of the Chah-les Riv-ah that we'll be running (available on Google Earth) and 
3. Send me your Bio. (graphies, not ologies....that would be weird).

Have a great weekend, and Viva el Poco Loco!


Team Poco Loco

This is a message for Team Poco Loco Boston (the first of many) where I list the current list of members and babble on about other things, no doubt!


After the Swim With Joe

Recorded on January 1st, after we swam with the L-Street Brownies in South Boston!



Swimming with the L-Street Brownies

From the South End of Boston, I go swimming with friends and the L Street Brownies on a cold (although milder than usual) January 1st, 2011. Think warm thoughts!