Happy Boston Marathon Weekend!

There's something extra special about Boston in the Spring, when runners from all over the world come to run "Boston", and gather to celebrate our sport. While the race itself is amazing, the "Health and Fitness Expo" is an event for everyone (runners and non-runners) to gather, meet and spend some time together, all for the love of running.

It's at the expo that you'll meet some of the greatest runners in the world; champions who have made their mark in our sport as well as fellow runners who you have "met" through social networking (including, of course, PodCasting). "Meet-ups" are common, Twitter and Facebook helps to bring runners together (at the expo this actually happens, runners will meet and head our for a bite to eat or even a beer or two). It's such a great convention for those, like us, who "live our lives to the top".

If you're going to the Expo this year, be sure to check out the seminars that are being held in the conference rooms. In recent years, there have been two conferences/presentations going on in separate rooms: one is specific to runners, while the other is for the more scientific/medically inclined. The great thing about these presentations is that you'll leave Boston inspired and educated!

This year the expo is being held down by Boston's World Trade Center...there's plenty of great places to get lunch and get together with friends from all over the world!

If you're going to the Expo this weekend, you'll have a great time! Enjoy my beautiful City of Boston; it's "wicked pissa"!









Run long and taper!

- Steve